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Welcome to BodyLight Therapies.

The therapies I offer through BodyLight are based on the concept that everyone is born with a Light within - an energy that inhabits everyone and gives us the spark of Being.

As we manoeuvre our way through the pathways of our life, from babyhood to adulthood, our Light can be dimmed due to physical illness and mental or emotional stressors. Sometimes we can even feel like our Light is almost extinguished and this is when problems with our health are most likely to appear.

However, with the right support, our BodyLight can be rekindled, and our system is rebalanced so that symptoms can be reduced or even reversed.

BodyLight offers a range of complementary therapies that can assist the Light within each of us to be effectively re-ignited and renewed, enabling us to continue to navigate successfully through the sometimes busy and stressful world we live in.