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introductory sessions are for groups of parents who would like to know the basics of infant massage to get started.

The session covers basic massage techniques, recognising babies' signals in regards to when they do and don't want massage, contraindications and appropriate oils for infant and childhood massage.

Depending on the number of parents attending, there may be a small charge (cost available on enquiry).

*Introductory sessions are also available to community groups and associations for free.

Infant Massage -- Class Locations and Timetables

Private Appointments

This course is also available privately as an ‘in-home' visit. These private sessions cover the same course curriculum and are run over a two-week period, i.e. two sessions per lesson each for 90 minutes.

Course Fees
Deposit : $30
Full 4 week course : $120 (includes oil)
A deposit will secure a place in class but the balance of the course must be paid one week prior to the first class. Payment can be made by cash and/or electronic transfer. Details will be given when making a booking.

What To Bring to Class
Baby rug or change mat, hand towel, bottle of water for parents, light baby blanket for cool weather.

Enquiries: Sheryl Gottschall 0431 856 556




Our Story

I wish Infant Massage was available to both my daughter and I when she was a baby. She suffered from constipation and at one stage it became so terrible that she ended up in hospital. She was traumatised by the experience and so was I. Even after she received treatment both she and I remained anxious and tense. At times this would induce crying bouts for her which fed our shared fear of her becoming constipated again.

Due to her experience she became quite clingy, needing mum close at hand to help her feel secure. If only I had known about infant massage and how to apply it to her tender abdomen it could have reduced her pain and crying, thereby relieving the tension and anxiety for both of us.

Although Infant Massage has so many other benefits this is the one that could have helped us through a difficult stage many years ago. I don’t want any parent or baby to go through what we went through when something as simple as infant massage can make such a difference. It’s easy to learn, easy to apply, can be used anytime, anywhere, and smoothes out the bumps on the road of parenthood.

If you want your experience as a parent to be less tense and anxious for both you and your infant, to experience enhanced physical and emotional well-being, for your relationship with your child to be calmed and soothed, then infant massage is for you.

About Infant Massage

Therapeutic and nurturing touch, which includes infant massage, is of benefit psychologically and physically for both parents and infants. It promotes a healthy well-being and development in infants and enhances the parent-child relationship, strengthening the emotional attachment needed for a feeling of security and optimal development for your baby.

Infant Massage also provides a deep parent-child bond which sets the stage for openness and closer family relationships.

Learning infant massage teaches parents, grandparents and care givers how to actively play a part in the well-being of their babies. Remember, well-being goes far beyond eating the right food and getting enough exercise. It also reflects the mental, emotional and social aspects of an individual’s life.

Benefits of Infant Massage

Benefits for Baby :

• Reduces crying
• Encourages deeper sleep
• Reduces anxiety and improves alertness
• Reduces stress hormone levels in children and parents
• Enhances emotions and improves mood
• Increases weight gain in low birth-weight infants
• Enhances cognitive and motor development
• Relieves the discomfort of pain, sinus and chest congestion
• Enhances attachment and bonding
• Enhances body awareness
• Strengthens the immune system
• Provides a wide range of benefits to children with special needs
• and far more….

Benefits for Parents

• The benefits of infant massage also have a flow on effect on parents and caregivers. Studies have shown that adults who perform massage on infants experience less depressive symptoms and anxiety, experience less stress hormones, feelings of self-esteem improve and they have a better sense of well-being.

• Parents feel more confident in their role as caregivers and experience a deeper sense of closeness with their baby.

• Through infant massage fathers become more involved with their baby and father- child interactions are improved.

What Happens in an Infant Massage Class

Parents and care givers are taught about massage techniques, massage oils, when to massage, and how to interpret infant body language. Massage strokes are also taught for relief of wind pain, constipation, colic and reflux conditions plus much more.

The instructor demonstrates the various strokes on a demonstration doll and parents follow the strokes on their babies. The instructor does not perform massage on your baby as the aim of the class is for parents to share the massage experience with their baby themselves.

Classes are very informal and relaxed for parents. You can learn the massage sequences around  babies needs in class like nappy changes, feeding baby, putting baby down to sleep, or if necessary taking baby for a walk to settle.

Babies wishes come first, so if baby doesn’t want a massage during a class parents can either continue to observe or follow the instructor on a demonstration doll. If parents are distracted by their babies they won’t miss out on class information as massage strokes taught during a class will be reviewed the following week.

DVDs and parent manuals will also be available for purchase at classes so you can refresh the information from each class at home in your own time.

Group Classes

Group classes run over a four-week period, one session per week, with each class lasting for 1 hour. Massage techniques are taught in stages so that parents can practice at home and return each week with any questions.

Week 1 –

Appropriate oils to use on babies; Permission sequence; Strokes for the legs and buttocks; Contraindications (situations where massage should be avoided); Parent Relaxation

Week 2 -

Benefits of infant massage; Recognising baby's daily cycle and the best time to massage; Recognising babies signals in regards to when they do and don't want massage; Bonding; Strokes for the abdomen and chest; Touch relaxation.

Week 3 -

Developing massage strokes to suit your growing child; Strokes for the face, arms and back; Strokes to prevent and relieve colic, constipation and wind.

Week 4 -

Exercises to keep babies flexible and assist lymphatic drainage - Review of the full massage routine.

Enquiries: Sheryl Gottschall 0431 856 556