This class is a unique combination of stillness and moving meditation that takes the practice of mindfulness into motion. Through this combined meditation style we activate the heart/body/mind connection and move in profound stillness. By placing our full attention and awareness on our inner world we unite the mind, body and spirit improving mental clarity, physical stamina, emotional well-being, spiritual awakening and ultimately personal transformation.

The practice of meditation takes you into an altered state of consciousness which may be described as “thoughtful awareness”. During this state many body systems are affected. Metabolism is altered, the immune system is activated and various chemical changes occur in the body to bring about a feeling of well-being.

This specific combination of stillness and moving meditation is extremely useful for people who have an active mind and find it challenging to slow their thoughts long enough to move into a state of “effortless stillness”.

Research shows that regular practice of meditation lowers blood pressure, alleviates depression, improves sleep and concentration, and reduces stress.

More benefits of meditation:

• slows the ageing process
• Increases blood flow and lowers the heart rate
• reduces anxiety attacks
• reduces headaches and migraines
• increases focus and concentration
• improves memory
• enhances the immune system
• stabilizes emotions
• develops willpower
• reduces anger and aggression
• decreases worry
• develops peace of mind and happiness
• helps to find your purpose
• grows wisdom • deepens understanding of self and others
• changes attitude toward life

Anyone can learn meditation and no special ability is required.

These classes are suitable for:

• beginners
• advanced meditators,
• people living busy and/or stressful lives
• pure pleasure and enjoyment

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring your own water bottle.


Enquiries: Sheryl Gottschall 0431 856 556