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For some people the question of reincarnation is a curiosity. For others, the concept of previous lives has become a world view they have used to help make sense of their own life and the events that occur around them. Belief in reincarnation has been around for thousands of years, and the concept has flourished at one time or another in virtually every part of the world.

Mankind’s interest in reincarnation has survived throughout history, and lending credence to this belief is a collection of people who have recalled past lives using hypnosis -- and in some cases have actually traced these memories back to hard proof of their previous existence.

Today, the idea of being hypnotically regressed to some of these “memories” is used as therapy. Regression has become more widely read about, and more understood and accepted. Past life regression is achieved through the use of hypnosis, which opens the doorway to the subconscious mind. Under hypnosis, people can recall what seem to be memories of another life, and give quite detailed descriptions of themselves, their environment and other people. People who have been regressed into their past lives sometimes find that chronic illness, phobias or anxiety can disappear, or they gain a deeper understanding of their relationships with others.

Regardless of the reason for seeking out a past life regression, one always comes away with something worthwhile. At best, a regression can be a profound life changing and healing experience. At the very least is can be a thought provoking, information gathering session. For most people it is somewhere between these two extremes, and exactly what they need at that moment.

Personally, I have had regressions where I’ve had very clear recall of experiences that were not of this life and had not consciously acknowledged before. In one particular regression I remember being in a rural setting and running from villagers who were tracking down my parents, considered to be evil because they practiced healing. I experienced running through one metre tall grass, hoping this would camouflage me, eventually stopping to catch my breath. I was only about eight years old. The experience was clear and extremely vivid and I could feel myself gasping heavily for a good lung-full of air. During another regression I remembered having a fight with my brother (I am an only child in this life) because I didn’t want to help him work in the fields with the crops. In a following session I was an orphan from another world who was taken in by a woman who lived alone in the woods. She spent her whole life looking after the children of crashed craft from other worlds.

Were these experiences real? Were they recollections of past lives? To tell the truth I really don’t know, but at the time they were very beneficial because these memories gave me insights into the challenges I was facing at the time.

Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, past life regression therapy is still valuable as the mind plays out various scenes where we can be vividly immersed or act as observers of our own movie. It is a great way to gain insight when we feel stuck on a challenge. If you approach a past life regression with the idea in your mind that what you experience during the session is not necessarily to prove that you have had a past life, but to gain insight, growth and a deeper understanding of your life now, all the better.

Past life regression therapy allows you to experience different aspects of yourself which you wouldn’t ordinarily be aware of. You can also uncover past events that may be having a negative impact on your present life. By returning to those events during a regression, you can often change the outcome and make improvements in your current life.

As you can see, regression therapy gives people a great deal to think about. It opens up new areas of thought, providing us with new answers or, more importantly, new questions for us to think about. We become aware that as a being we are much, much greater than we might have thought. Thus, each time we expand our perception of ourselves, we expand potential pathways available to accomplish the goals we have set for our life. Past life regression therapy, if undertaken correctly, is a powerful and rewarding experience which can open doorways to self-understanding in a manner unlike any other therapy.