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About me...

My name is Sheryl Gottschall and I’ve always had an interest in human behaviour - I love to observe people and wonder why they behave the way they do. It’s no secret that there are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to human beings, all of which have an effect on our beliefs, abilities and behaviour.

During the 1990s I owned and managed a healing centre in the western suburbs of Brisbane where I explored and learned many things about healing. This was spurred on by my own health crisis which had burst into my life at the time. I became very ill and sometimes wondered if I’d be around in another month. Fortunately I survived, but not without being taken on a journey to the edge of death which culminated in a near death experience. The entire experience of becoming ill, then finding and drawing on my inner resources to return myself to full health, made me realise that humans have far more power than we give ourselves credit for.

From this realisation I began to study the body-mind connection which is the power of the connection between our thoughts to our physical health, and the health of our physical bodies to our mind and behaviour. Our body is a temple for our consciousness and we need to care for both to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.

Through BodyLight Therapies I offer a range of services that I hope will help others to live life to their full potential. These services have been tried and tested by me personally and I keep adding to them as I discover more about health, healing and the greater human experience.


Clinical Hypnotherapy
Reiki Practitioner &Teacher
Infant Massage Instructor
Aura Soma Colour Therapy
Crystal Therapy